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Safe, Small & Solvent


We need to increase the number of police officers in order to be safe, protect our small town and implement true neighborhood policing. We need to keep both our Fire Stations, as well as keep our own Seal Beach lifeguards. I stand by our officers & first responders.

"Increasing Neighborhood safety is my top priority."

Police Car
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I promise to protect our small town from becoming overdeveloped by listening to the residents & through my continued support of local businesses. Not becoming another Long Beach or Newport is important essential and crucial to keeping this the town we all love. Strengthening our small-town character is my goal.

"Preserving our small town community is my promise."


I will continue the pursuit of our owed oil revenue, new city funding, and long-term revenue streams. Most importantly I will keep local and state government accountable, looking to not add any extra spending. I will bring fresh ideas that will strengthen our local downtown businesses."

"Balancing the budget and creating revenue is my plan. "

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"Peter Amundson is our best hope for the future of our Small Town. He is amongst the residents & knows the issues well. He is the only candidate who is meeting with city staff to find solutions. His business skills & fresh ideas as a businessman can help our downtown businesses."

Our Mission

Preserving Seal Beach for the next generation

Our Mission

Our Vision

A Safe, Solvent & Small Town

We Need Your Support Today!

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