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Jan 29th Run-off Election

Jan 29th Run-off Announcement

Jan 29th Run-off Announcement

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There will be a Jan 29th Run-off Election

I am both excited and thankful that the Seal Beach voters have chosen me to be in the January election for Seal Beach city council.


This January 29th 2019 there will be a special mail-in only run-off election for Seal Beach City Council, District 1. Ballots are out. Turn in your ballot early! There is only one office on the ballot, it won’t take long to fill-in the box for Peter Amundson and help ensure Seal Beach stays Safe, Small & Solvent. (For your convenience, you can also drop off your ballot until 8pm Jan 29th at City Hall in the City Clerk’s office.)

Find out more about my mail-in ballot

Vote Peter Amundson for Seal Beach City Council!

"Peter Amundson is our best hope for the future of our Small Town. He is amongst the residents & knows the issues well. He is the only candidate who is meeting with city staff to find solutions. His business skills & fresh ideas as a businessman can help our downtown businesses."

Our Mission

Preserving Seal Beach for the next generation

Our Mission

Our Vision

A Safe, Solvent & Small Town

We Need Your Support Today!

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