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Thank you Seal Beach. I will remain active in our clubs, chamber, and civic engagements.

Thank you Seal Beach for your support over these long 8 months of campaigning. We have made many new friends through this endeavor and strengthened old ones. As the election becomes certified it is clear that we will not be victorious this time around. This was a team effort from the beginning and I would have not made it this far if it weren't for so many of your support.

I congratulate Joe Kalmick on his victory for Seal Beach City Council and wish him the very best. I told him to let me know if there is any way I can help him be successful. Joe success now is our cities success. I am rooting hard for him.

I am continuing my Masters in Business Administration, while my wife and I continue to prepare to take over our family logistics company. My Wife Tara, and I have been married just 10 months and we are looking forward to a much-needed breather.

Once again thank you for all over for your hard work and support. Though we were not victorious, I know God has great plans.

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